How It Works

Are terms like biodegradable and acronyms like EPI as foreign to you as math is to your dog? If so, don't worry. Let us explain...

EPI is the developer, licensor and distributor of Totally Degradable Plastic Additives (TDPA®). EPI's technology has been designed to control and manage the lifetime of products made from the most common plastics used by modern society. A shorter lifespan on plastic is a good thing. With over 70 million dog poop bags entering landfills on a daily basis, we use EPI our plastic to make sure we return them back to the earth quickly.

The info graphic below explains how the cycle works:



Why should you scoop the poop?

Dog poop is not your average animal poop. Let's get into the gross details:

  • According to the EPA, dog poop is as toxic to the environment as chemical and oils spills!
  • Dog poop is full of bacteria and left in your neighborhood it pollutes your water supply.
  • Wastewater treatment systems are NOT designed to filter dog poop.
  • Dog poop is the #3 cause of water pollution in the United States! Our natural ecosystem can handle 2 dogs per square mile. In urban areas there are 125 dogs per square mile! There are 70 million dogs existing in the U.S. alone. Humans sure do love their pups!

What does biodegradable really mean, and why should I choose Popular Pup bags?

The adjective biodegradable is defined as "capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other biological means."

Popular Pup's dog poop bags are biodegradable, meaning they will break down over time in a landfill. The best and by far the quickest way for them to break down is in a compost where they get plenty of sunlight and oxygen. In a compost environment, our poop bags will break down in one year. In a landfill environment they can take up to two years. Either way, this is a much better alternative to a regular dog poop bag that takes more than 10 years to degrade. And with 42.5 million households in the U.S. that own at least one dog...well, you can do the math. Choose Popular Pup and make a positive impact!