About Us

   A letter from our Co-Founder, Vanessa

Dear Pup Owner,
Allow me to introduce myself and share our "tail" with you about how it all began.
Imagine the picture above but the background is actually us on my bed with a computer on my lap and an inevitable pile of laundry that still needed to be put away. And then add that I looked exhausted. With 26 years of running businesses for others and working a job where I traveled three weeks out of the month, I missed my family and my pups. I was missing out on so much, and I had to figure out how to be more present in their lives! So I decided my top three focuses were my kids, my pups, and wanting to make an impact.
I wanted a product that filled a need in my life and that of my fellow dog lovers while being environmentally conscious. With a lot of thought, research, and testing, Popular Pup was born! The mission? To provide dog owners with high quality, Eco-friendly, dog waste bags in a subscription service to eliminate the hassle of running out at the worst time.
I wanted to ensure that the bag could handle any size poop, and I have the furry family to do just that! Kahlua, our 7 lb Chihuahua/Terrier mix, Heineken, our chunky 45 lb Puggle and Stella, our one year 80 lb Labrador retriever. There is a theme here, but I will let you figure it out. Let's just say we like to have a good time! 
The bag needed to be larger and longer so my hubs hands didn't risk getting poop on them and with tie handles so I didn't have to twist the bag into a tie loop – especially for bigger poops. I wanted them slightly scented to help me handle the smell and I needed a poop bag dispenser that had a clip that was strong because the plastic connectors always broke on me. And for the love of all things I needed them to magically appear in my mailbox...too many times I have been forced to take the neighbor walk of shame when I ran out of bags, and Stella left a nice present for everyone! As a pup lover, pup mom, pup dad, pup friend, I am sure you understand exactly where I am coming from! 
I went through a lot to get this right for you and your pup, and while I hope I thought of everything, there may be room for improvement. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, thoughts, or ideas you would like to share. I want to be connected with all of you personally – you are my Popular Pup family.
Happy trails,